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The Education of Mary

When I was 16 the hang out place for me and other kids was the large rec room of a neighborhood girl, Mary. Boys always outnumbered girls by a wide margin in our get-togethers at Mary’s. In addition to having a favorable place in the supply and demand ..more.

The Phone That Rings in the Night

We met 11 years ago now, on line in a chat room. Our relationship has blossomed for 11 years and I live 12,000 miles away, but business allowed me to travel the world and every opportunity we had, we got together and really showed our love for each ..more.

The Neck Massage

My cousin had asked if she could spend the week at our house while in area for work. She flew in and I went to pick her up on a Friday. We were always close as kids but never anything sexual. We put her up in the spare room. She is about 10 years older ..more.

Home Alone

My wife took the kids to visit her folks for the long holiday weekend. I stayed behind to get some work done around the house. I’ve been spending as much time as possible completely naked. I even did some backyard watering in the nude. My neighbors are ..more.

Panties and House Sitting

Ok, so my girlfriends cousin went out of town and left my girlfriend and I to house sit her house. To be clear the cousin is a well looking girl in her mid 20′s and has nice big breasts. That said she left us to take care of her house.

On our second ..more.

Long Time Panty Sniffer

I have been an avid masturbator for years, and I love reading the stories on Solo Touch.

I remember my first orgasm in the bathroom as a young man and have been hooked ever since.

I began sniffing women’s panties by accident as a teenager when one day ..more.

Getting Wild over My Neighbors Wife

The house next door had been vacant for over a year and I saw a younger female and older man looking at it several times, finally they bought it. She was real cute maybe 30ish I thought she was his daughter. Well being the horny dog I am I had to ..more.

From Pee To O!

I knew today was going to be a bad day. Like it was just small things but shit I was starting to get pissed off. It didn’t help that I was near my period and feeling hormonal anyway. First I discovered that there was no hot water for the shower. Next no ..more.

Fun on the Bus

My boyfriend and I were riding on a school bus from his fraternity formal, with a ton of other guys and their dates. We were sitting towards the back of the bus, but with other couples sitting around us.

All night, we had been dancing and both getting ..more.

Driving Bottomless

Like most other women, I love to masturbate. I love being horny, touching myself and doing things that are exciting. When I was home one day I was teasing myself, thinking about all kinds of naughty things I could do, and I thought about being naked ..more.

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