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Me and Sis

You know after reading that story Caught By Sis I just had to write and tell you about my experience with my sis. It was a total surprise for me too but man was it kinda hot. We didn’t walk in on each other or anything but we did end up getting naked and ..more.

Jerking off Part 2

After my neighbor and her daughter moved a young couple moved in. They were 22 and just married. The husband was Jack and the wife Emily. She was a nurse and he a chef. Jack worked nights and they saw each other only in the morning. About a week after ..more.

With Sis!

I was the only loveable son in my family. I have a sister. When I reached 16 years I learned the art of self pleasure. The hottest thing in my life happened when I was 18 years old.

My sister was only one year younger than me. She was growing fast ..more.

Hidden Treasures

As a teenager, whenever I was home alone, I would search through my sister or my moms underwear drawers, sometimes I would put their panties or nylons on, sometimes I’d just lie down with panties over my face and wank myself.

One afternoon, home alone, ..more.

on the couch

Well since my uncle lives with us he has to use my room so he can sleep in and I have to sleep in the sofa. The sofa is ok I guess but jacking off there, well anyone can catch you there. Every time when it’s midnight I wait to see if everyone is asleep. ..more.

Big Titted Girlfriends

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Me and Bf

This happened when my boyfriend and I had been dating a little less than two months, we were both 15 at the time.

We really hadn’t done much from a sexual standpoint when this happened. We’d been dating only a little while and even though I was really ..more.

Best Friends

My best friend lives a couple of streets away. Everyone at school thought we were weird because it was a girl-guy friendship. We’ll call him David.

Anyway one night I went over to his house for a sleepover. I had a crush on him, but I hadn’t told him. ..more.

Testing the Limits of Friendship

I have always had the hots for a male friend of mine, and one night he came over for a night of fun. There was a group of us in my apartment and we were all having a great time. After a while we all were pretty tired, as classes were still in session and ..more.

Our Secret

The moment I saw my now son-in-law my heart skipped a beat. He is 6ft 5" built like a heavywieght boxer plus the fact he is black. I have never told anybody but I have always found black men so sexy.

I am sure there a millions of women who ..more.

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