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Driving Bottomless

Like most other women, I love to masturbate. I love being horny, touching myself and doing things that are exciting. When I was home one day I was teasing myself, thinking about all kinds of naughty things I could do, and I thought about being naked ..more.

Kira’s Story about Squirting

My first boyfriend made me cum for the first time when I was 14. He was fingering me and all I felt was a raging desire to pee. So many times we did this and so many times I stopped him. Then one summer we were making out in a field and Chris said to me, ..more.

Nudism? Yeah, Right

All the stuff in the news about exposure to sun causing a massive rise in skin cancer is everywhere. I mean no one can miss it, right? My mom and dad are naturists and it scares me. How dumb do you have to be with even some of their friends having been ..more.

Wanking in Front of David and Ian

This story pre dates my previous submissions by quite a few years; it is a true story about wanking in front of a friend called David and his brother in law Ian. I had met David in my first year of high school, he was in the second year; he was the first ..more.

My Time With Emmery

My name is Josh, I am 13 and so is my friend Emmery. We have been friends since grade six. Emmery has perfect blonde hair and brown eyes. I have a darker blonde hair color and I have blue eyes. My dick is 5 inches and If I had to guess I would say ..more.

Hidden Cam

There is a super cute girl who is in her early twenties. She cleans my office twice a week. She enjoys my looks and her movements are very sexy. She knows all secrets – if you know what I mean? Sometimes we change some words and make sexy ..more.

What Really Turned Us On

Watching each other masturbate as foreplay was our major turn on. We were both very over sexed and would enjoy nudity and masturbation any time, day or night. She had a large collection of porn videos we watched quite often. Early on she confessed, when ..more.

Just Passing By

Today is the last day in my midwestern state on my way to the south. It is a tradition of mine everytime I take the train, I masturbate in every state the train passes thru, I would be in my sleeper room, in which it transforms into a day room. I would ..more.

Taco Bell

Me and this guy I work with started to hook up. It was our first night hanging out and we went over to my friends house to have a few drinks. After us hanging out with my friend and her boyfriend, me and my man decided we should take a trip upstairs to ..more.

Keep Going!

I started masturbating around the age of 13. I had started out only humping my stuffed animals but eventually found rubbing my clit got me off harder.

One night when I was 18 I had a friend over. She fell asleep pretty early and I just kept tossing and ..more.

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