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Wanking in Front of David and Ian

This story pre dates my previous submissions by quite a few years; it is a true story about wanking in front of a friend called David and his brother in law Ian. I had met David in my first year of high school, he was in the second year; he was the first ..more.

My Time With Emmery

My name is Josh, I am 13 and so is my friend Emmery. We have been friends since grade six. Emmery has perfect blonde hair and brown eyes. I have a darker blonde hair color and I have blue eyes. My dick is 5 inches and If I had to guess I would say ..more.

Working at Six Flags

I graduated from high school and Dad told me to go to work. I went to Six Flags and got a job selling souveniers. I was sent to the mens locker room to get my uniform.

I was never athletic. I did not take gym in high school at all. The last time I was ..more.

After Swimming

It was a typical summer day where I lived, which meant that it was pretty hot, and dry. The house was hotter and seeing as my parents weren’t home, my siblings and I couldn’t run the air conditioning to cool ourselves off. However, we had a great option ..more.

My Best Day Ever (Part 1)

This is a true story.

Ever since the seventh grade I have had a crush on this boy at school named Alex. Alex is tall, skinny, He had curly hair, and he didn’t have very much in the way of muscles. The best part about him is that he still has a baby ..more.

Exhibitionist Neighbor

I lived in an apartment in Chicago with my college roommate, Tom. I had the bedroom while he took a corner of the huge living room for his sleeping quarters. Like other college kids, we didn’t have much furniture or curtains in our apartment. We were up ..more.


So over last spring break I stayed at school for some band activities. I stayed in my fraternity house and mostly hung out with the rest of the band since all of campus was deserted for break. A few days into it my best friend and fraternity brother, ..more.

Squeezing My Balls

When I was in the boy scouts, my best friend was named Kevin. He was a curly blonde haired all American boy. He was not handsome or particularly fit, and he still had some baby fat, but he always laughed at my jokes, and he was really clever, especially ..more.

New Friend

I went to a park where guys visit, it was very hot, I only had on shorts and teeshirt, then I saw a guy park near me. He smiled at me so nicely. I smiled back, taking my erect penis in my hand, seeing him clearly do the same. We masturbated in our own ..more.

Two Guys Curiosity

This all happened when I was 14.

I was at my friends house, I’ll call her Sarah. I got a call from Sarah, saying that Dan and Mike were over and that I should come over. She lived down the road a few houses, and I decided to go.

Me and Sarah were ..more.

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