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Two Pals and a Summer Sleepover

I really wish I could remember how old I was at the time this happened but I can only guess. Plus this happened more than 40 years ago so there’s not much detail.

I think we were maybe in seventh grade. It was summertime and must have been pretty hot as ..more.

First Time With Friend

First, a description. I am 6ft 3" and 175 lbs, and quite toned—my pecs are getting bigger, and my abs are quite good too.

Lewis is a bit shorter than me and is less toned but weighs less, so the abs are still there, and very nice ..more.

Cookies and Cream

About three or four years ago in the summer break from school I would hang out with my best friend Danny just about every day. I woke up one morning got ready and walked over to his house.

When I got there his parents were outside washing the car and ..more.

Learning How To Spray

I have been cuming to Solo Touch for quite a long time now, and enjoy the FF, and MM stories very much. I have always been a serious stroker, but after my divorce five years ago I really started masterbating a lot, once or twice a day. I still enjoy ..more.

Teens and Porn

I was staying overnight at my friends house one weekend. It was midnight and we were alone. His parents owned a restaurant so would not be home until late and his sister was at a friends. We were watching tv sitting on the couch beside each other. By the ..more.

My Life Thus Far

From as far back as I can remember, I would find something and rub my dick on it until I felt this weird sensation….i.e. I would place my hands on the washing machine and press myself up, then I would essentially do dips to lower myself up and down…I ..more.

Roomates Boxers

I am college student that lives in a dorm room with an athletic guy. We are both always horny but we never jack off together. During the school year I would also hear my roommate making noise at night and I am pretty sure he was jacking off! Which really ..more.

Choirboys Together

“Alan” and I were in the same Church choir and, as might be expected for two lads just into their teens, everything was sexual. From the robes we had to wear in Church to the carvings of the angels on the gravestones. Now I knew ..more.

Stranger at the Movies

Back in my junior year of high school I had a job cleaning toilets and doubling as the bathroom attendant at a fancy restaurant. The pay and hours were horrible, but occasionally a wealthy diner would give me a good tip. My favorite way to spend my tip ..more.

A Ride in the Rain

I didn’t have a car in college, so on the rare weekends when I could go home, I had to take two buses and then hitchhike the last 20 miles. On this particular November weekend, I’d gotten out of class two hours early and was looking forward to getting ..more.

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