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If They Only Knew

We got our senior yearbooks, and I found out I was voted "Most Likely to Become A Nun" at my all-girls Catholic School. I guess my classmates think I am kind of a prude, and yeah, I haven’t done much with guys. But I don’t like most ..more.

Pressure Orgasms Reply

Like Caitlyn in story #29602 I’ve always wanked by pressure or tension and for a time in exactly the way she describes. But I’m amazed to find someone else who has used the end of bed/edge of sink technique. I thought I was on my own until I saw a video ..more.

Reading Time With Mum

I can remember when I was about 13 and I was very ill with a cold and mum came into my room and read to me. I was in bed lying on my front and as she read she rubbed my back and occasionally her hand would run down over the top of my bum. I began to get ..more.

Anal Pleasure!

Hi, I’m bri. I’m 16, and slender with blonde hair and blues eyes.

One day I was just totally beyond horny. I had been on Solo Touch the night before and I was just aching to get myself off. The thing is, that I’ve been bored with my same old routine of ..more.

Masturbating With an Aubergine

My name is Jinous. I am a 20 years old girl and love masturbation. One of my most favorite methods of masturbating is by using an object that is warm, soft, smooth, and slimy. For this purpose, I use an Aubergine (French for egg-plant ) with a suitable ..more.

Favorite Fantasy

I love this site! I just stopped in yesterday for the first time.

I am 42 years old and have been masturbating since I was a child. Recently I have been doing it more frequently due to a hormone replacement that makes me quiet horny.

To be honest while ..more.

First Orgasm

When I was younger my mom remarried. My step dad was ok but I really didn’t think about him much. Anyway, I used to sleep in one of my moms tee shirts and usually got one from her room before they went to bed. Every now and then I would forget and have ..more.

At the Gym

My name is Kelly and I’m 28. Im a member of a local Gym in Plymouth UK, and have been so for about a few weeks now. I have never been in to the same sex before nor have I done anything sexually with another woman but after todays events who knows!

I was ..more.


I realised that I was feeling "horny" rather than "prickly down there" on my 16th birthday. Now, I know I was a late starter, but hey, things happen when they happen, right? I remember it very clearly, by first ..more.

Squirting Is Amazing

Well honestly this is one of my favorite sites..I came upon it one night when I was in the mood. I found it and read many of the stories and techniques..honest to say I get so wet just reading a lot of them. Tonight is one of those nights..I do live with ..more.

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