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[Coming Soon] Lea Nights Loves Her Nipples and So Do We

Coming on 07/04/2017 | Featuring: Lea Nights

Don't miss 'Lea Nights Loves Her Nipples and So Do We ' when it is released on 07/04/2017

Curvaceous blonde Lea Nights is back; and what a great video. I absolutely love how much this girl plays with her nipples before she even touches her pussy. She is a pro at getting pleasure from her whole body and taking her time. She doesn’t even take off her panties until she is almost ready to cum. There are some close-ups in this video and also a beautiful powerful orgasm.

[Coming Soon] Bridgette Aleister Jet Tub Orgasm

Coming on 07/03/2017 | Featuring: Bridgette Aleister

Don't miss 'Bridgette Aleister Jet Tub Orgasm' when it is released on 07/03/2017

They say blondes have more fun and Bridgette Aleister seems to be taking it to heart. She has a great time with the pulsing tub jets on her luscious hairy pussy. Bridgette loves to play with her nipples and get off with a sensual orgasm before she cleans up.

[Coming Soon] Adorable Sondrine Masturbates While Looking Out the Window

Coming on 07/02/2017 | Featuring: Sondrine

Don't miss 'Adorable Sondrine Masturbates While Looking Out the Window' when it is released on 07/02/2017

Here is Sondrine’s second Yanks shoot. Once again, she starts off outside her panties with her fingers, but that doesn’t last long at all. Those things just had to go! In fact staying on the bed doesn’t last long as she moves to peep out the window, never stopping the rubbing of course. She ends the masturbation session back on the bed with a little silver vibe that she gently uses on her clit to cum.

[Coming Soon] Hope Gold Biography

Coming on 07/01/2017 | Featuring: Hope Gold

Don't miss 'Hope Gold Biography' when it is released on 07/01/2017

[Coming Soon] Lea Nights Naked Fingering

Coming on 06/30/2017 | Featuring: Lea Nights

Don't miss 'Lea Nights Naked Fingering' when it is released on 06/30/2017

[Coming Soon] Sondrine Strips

Coming on 06/29/2017 | Featuring: Sondrine

Don't miss 'Sondrine Strips' when it is released on 06/29/2017

[Coming Soon] Hope Gold Adorable Asian

Coming on 06/29/2017 | Featuring: Hope Gold

Don't miss 'Hope Gold Adorable Asian' when it is released on 06/29/2017

[Coming Soon] Allegra Sphynx Rubs her Racing Striped Pussy, Vroom!

Coming on 06/28/2017 | Featuring: Allegra Sphynx

Don't miss 'Allegra Sphynx Rubs her Racing Striped Pussy, Vroom!' when it is released on 06/28/2017

Allegra Sphynx and her rockabilly look are back for round 2 on Yanks. This time she hits the couch. She uses mostly fingers to get off but tries a vibe in the middle for a bit. The vib gets rejected though and she goes back to using her fingers on her cute little clit to cum.

Lea Nights Uses Some Serious Nipple Play to Get Herself Off

Added: 06/27/2017 | Featuring: Lea Nights | Rating: 9.00

If you love girls with all the right junk in all the right places, this is Lea and from everything we have learned about her in her bio and interview, she loves using that junk. My favorite thing in this video is hearing how wet her pussy gets after she plays with her nipples. She gets herself soaking wet as she builds to an extremely intense orgasm.

Cute 20 Year-old Sondrine Gives Herself a Toe Curling Orgasm

Added: 06/26/2017 | Featuring: Sondrine | Rating: 10.00

After hearing how cute Sondrine was in her Yanks interview I couldn’t wait to see her video. I love how Sondrine starts rubbing herself through her underwear to start. It is just so sexy. Things progress fast though and I believe she has multiple orgasms with one really big overwhelming toe curling one at the end. By the way it looked, her orgasm must have felt incredible. Enjoy!

Charlotte Webbe Masturbates Her Natural Pussy On a Sunny Day

Added: 06/26/2017 | Featuring: Charlotte Webbe | Rating: 8.00

What better way to start off a sunny day then with a quick wank? Charlotte Webbe starts fingering herself in her underwear, but quite quickly discards them so she can get greater access to her beautiful natural red haired pussy and bring herself to a beautiful and pleasurable orgasm for all to see. Enjoy this natural and sexy video of such a beautiful girl.

Allegra Sphynx Fingers Her Very Wet Box and Has an Exceptionally Loud Orgasm

Added: 06/25/2017 | Featuring: Allegra Sphynx | Rating: 10.00

Allegra Sphynx, the cute Aussie in glasses, starts slowly in this video but once she get going, damn. She gives us a really nice view of her petite ass and cute little pussy from the back and then quickly procceeds to intensely rub her self with her fingers. She attacks her clit and fucks herself with a finger as she gets closer and closer. When she cums, wow, it sounds incredible

Lea Nights Talks About Her First Sexual Touch

Added: 06/24/2017 | Featuring: Lea Nights | Rating: 9.00

Lea Knights first sexual encounter was with her best friend at the time. She got caught by her friends parents though after she left hickies all over her neck and chest. She describes the experience as intoxicating and love it!

Cutey Aussie Sondrine Talks to Yanks

Added: 06/23/2017 | Featuring: Sondrine | Rating: 10.00

Sondrine is queer creative Aussie girl whose artistic likes are all over the map. She is a Wes Anderson and Alejandro Jodorowsky fan who would totally get down with Madonna or Peaches. She is a sexual girl who admitted that after writing her bio and thinking about sex for so long she was really looking forward to masturbating and cumming. We are really happy to have Sondrine here at Yanks.com enjoy watching her please herself!

Charlotte Webbe's Fantastic Ass

Added: 06/23/2017 | Featuring: Charlotte Webbe | Rating: 10.00

Allegra Tells Us Which Celebrities She Would Fuck

Added: 06/22/2017 | Featuring: Allegra Sphynx | Rating: 9.00

Grace Jones, Zoe Kravitz and Rhianna make the list. She admits to loving beautiful strong women of color and frankly who can blame her. All three of those women are hott-tties!

Musician Lea Nights Plays with her Nipples while Discussing Masturbation

Added: 06/21/2017 | Featuring: Lea Nights | Rating: 6.00

32 year old Lea Nights is a musician who loves to flirt with pretty girls. She is hetero-flexible and lost her virginity to a girlfriend when she was 17. She loves to masturbate in public and has diddled herself in quite a few Melbourne pubs. Lea is curvy and beautiful and we are happy to have her here at Yanks.

Fiery Charlotte Webbe's Hip Bucking Cum

Added: 06/20/2017 | Featuring: Charlotte Webbe | Rating: 7.33

Charlotte starts off slowly, rubbing her beautiful pink pussy unseen in her jean shorts and then in just her pink panties. As the tension builds and she gets closer to orgasm she begins to buck her hips and writhe on the red couch. Building and building until she loses herself in the pleasure.

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