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Welcome to Real Girls Cumming ~ by Billie (a girl)

I started this site in 2002 because my boyfriend and I could never find good sites on the web featuring girls playing with themselves and other girls, so we decided to make our own.  My videos are unscripted, all natural, and always feature real orgasms. I love all types of girls. The goal with each Real Girls Cumming Girl is to provide you an intimate glimpse into what sex means to her. I only use female videographers because girls are much freer to express themselves sexually around other women. I always watch the content first and if it's hot I pass it on to my assistant to put on the site. She is a girl as well.

We are 100% female produced.

We have filmed girls cumming using the most imaginative methods. My favorites are: water jets, butt plugs, electric toothbrushes, doing sit-ups and humping just about anything under the sun.

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Before the girls get down to playing, we have them write out some answers to some steamy sex questions, you should see some of the things they tell us. We then talk to them on camera about the role sex has played in their lives.

Yep, more steamy stories and a couple of sets of wet panties.

We also have top notch videos in which the girls show you how they liked to be touched, tell you how it feels to be with a women and do sexy everyday things like shaving their legs, yoga and putting on lotion.

If you are looking for an exceptional amateur female sex site, then look no more. No one does it better than Real Girls Cumming. You will see their pussies contract, their bodies writhe and hear them moan and say some of the nastiest things.

The orgasms we capture? Insane!

What is the best thing about Real Girls Cumming? You will learn so much about girls and sex. What they fantasize about, how they like to be touched and what they are probably doing the moment you leave the house.

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